Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Canadian Geneabloggers

Canadian Genealogy Researchers

Canadian Genealogy Bloggers

I’d like to introduce you  to fellow Canadians who blog about genealogy and family history: (please contact me to be added to the list).  The list is alphabetical by name of blog.

Check out the Geneablogger.com website for an extensive list of Canadian geneabloggers.

If you are a Canadian genealogist and have a web page, or blog, please leave a comment below with your link and a bit of  information about your genealogy research.  (I’ll update this post with a complete list).

P.S. if you require any changes to the info listed about your website above please let me know by using the contact form.


2 Responses to “Canadian Geneabloggers”
  1. I write about the mystery and history I’ve found in my own family tree.

  2. Being the author of my autobiography; “A Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The True story of a Jamaican-born Canadian”2008. I am thankful today to be a proud Canadian, who had to do much research on my family background along with my grandfather’s 47 years of contribution to his country Jamaica. The sad thing is that I could not believe how many bad attitudes I found in the Jamaican Historical, Educational, Archive & Library system in Jamaica, when I asked questions about my 3rd generation white Jamaican grandfather. It was as if the man never existed, so all I can say is; Reverse Discrimination is alive and well in the Jamaica of today. After my 65 years in Canada I have no complaint about my life here,as Canada has given me voice to Blog and Write about my experience in a great country plus have my family history Preserved at York University-Clara Thomas Archives & Special Collections-305 Scott Library, in Toronto On. To see the help that I got along my way at no cost; Google-User Pages Info on Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert T. Thomas. The facts are now revealed to the world thanks to my chosen country Canada. My thanks to my fellow Canadians. Author Gerald A. Archambeau.
    Gerald A. Archambeau´s last [type] ..Hello world!

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