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William Joseph CULLAIN – Glassblower

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We have a guest post today from Carole Baldwin who is searching for William Joseph CULLAIN.

William Joseph CULLAIN was born about 1857 in the USA. Parents: Garret CULLAIN and Mary CULLEN. Both parents are deceased at the time of his marriage.

Married to Cathrine CLEARY on Aug 28, 1888 in Montreal, Quebec (St Mary of Good Counsel Parish).

Witnesses at the wedding are: Patrick KENNEDY (occupation “Chauffeur” which could be a stoker) and Catherine MADIGAN (married to each other). Both belong to the same parish as William CULLAIN.
Montreal Star newspaper announcement of the wedding states that the paper should inform Louisville, Kentucky and Chicago papers.


1.Leona May, born May 16, 1889. Godparents: Henry MCKEOWN and Bridget Agnes STAPLES (married to each other). Henry was born in the USA. His occupation was glassblower.

2. James William Andrew, born Dec 3, 1890. Godparents: William CASSIDY and Mary GREENE. William CASSIDY is a glassblower. Mary’s two brothers are glassblowers. I have no evidence that they were married to each other.

William Joseph Cullain’s Occupation: Glassblower

Major event: Abandoned his wife and two young children sometime between 1891 and 1901 and apparently returned to Louisville, Kentucky where he was from.

Family ties: Catherine CLEARY’s sister Mary Ellen was married to William REIDY from Steubenville, Ohio. It is quite possible that she, too was abandoned by her husband. His occupation is unknown.

[Editor: If anyone has connections or more information for Carole about her mysterious glassblower, William Joseph Cullain, please contact  her at baldwin2 [AT] or leave a comment below]


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  1. According to the 1891 Canada census, William Joseph Cullain and both of his parents were both born in the USA

  2. Hello Chirurgie esthétique Montréal,

    Thanks for your comment. I’ll pass it along to Carole.


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