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A Brothy Bunch

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Photo from collection of Elizabeth Wilson - Scotland about 1904

Photo from collection of Elizabeth Wilson Kerr, Scotland about 1904. Photo currently held by Joan Miller.CLICK ON PHOTO for larger view.

A brothy bunch about 1904 - from collection of Elizabeth Wilson - Scotland

"A bothy bunch about 1904". Click on photo for larger view.

This photo of  “A Bothy Bunch” was found in my Granny Kerr’s photo collection. Granny was born Elizabeth WILSON (1884-1973) in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, not to far from Peterhead. She immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada in 1909 and married Homer KERR who was homesteading not to far from her brother Alex WILSON’s homestead.  We have no other information about this “Bothy bunch” although I assume they are family or school friends.

The photographer information states “Willie Watson, 13 Duff St. TURRIFF which takes us to a town about 30 miles west of Peterhead as the crow flies (37.5 miles via road).  Note WATSON was a family name as well.  Elizabeth Wilson’s father’s name was Martin Watson Wilson (1857 -1942).  He was born in Gamrie, County Banff, Scotland.

UPDATE – Marie, one of my Scottish friends pointed out this was likely a “bothy” bunch instead of brothy bunch. and indeed that is what Granny has written on the back of the postcard.   Marie said “Bothy” means a small cottage or in this case where workers lived. I’ve corrected the “brothy” to “bothy in the text above but left the title as “brothy” because of the spoons and bowls. :)  Thanks Marie.  I learned a new word today “bothy)


4 Responses to “A Brothy Bunch”
  1. Marie Dougan says:


    I think this mightvsay “Bothy” bunch. Bothy means a small cottage or in this case where workers lived. Will try and find out more about the photographer.


  2. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for your comment. I think you are right. Granny’s writting on the back of the photo says “bothy” not “brothy”. I updated my post to correct that. Thanks for looking into the photograph.
    So you think this is a group of workers?


  3. Jo Graham says:

    What a great picture. I’m sure Marie’s right about the men living in the bothy. I’ve also heard “bothy” used to describe where workers gather to eat their lunch, and where I worked a few years ago, the men gathered in the “howff” for tea breaks.

  4. heidimoorez says:

    Thank you for sharing the information about bothy men… I have just learn this term here…
    heidimoorez´s last [type] ..1300 numbers

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