Tuesday, August 20, 2019

How to Make a Genealogy Newspaper with Paper.li

Genealogy Newspaper

Read All About it!

Drowning in information overload?

Alltop featured a great idea on how to make a newspaper on your favourite topic on Paper.li

Basically what you do is integrate your twitter feed for any hashtag into a newspaper.

These are the steps:

1.  Add the Alltop Genealogy feed to your twitter stream using Twitterfeed (instructions here).  This step is optional but does give more genealogy content.

2. Create an account on Paper.li.

3.  Choose the Create a Newspaper option in the upper right.

4.  Choose the hashtag you wish to make a newspaper from.  In this case I chose #genealogy.

5. You then allow Paper.li to connect to your Twitter profile.

6.  Voila!  Your Genealogy Newspaper is created.

I notice my #Genealogy Daily Newspaper  included the hashtag #family history and a few others.  Not sure how it is picking that up.

And I also notice it has Google ads on the page which I assume are revenue for Paper.li. That’s okay.  They put a lot of work into bringing us newspapers with one click.

My new Genealogy Daily newspaper can be accessed here.

The newspaper updates every 24 hours (Daily!)

This Genealogy Newspaper might even beat out my Google Reader as my preferred way to read news as a method to handle the information overload.

All I need to do is add more genealogy RSS feeds to my twitter account (and thus promote more Genealogy Blogs :)

UPDATE: Genealogy newspapers I’ve either created or seen on Twitter

  • @TamuraJones Genealogists list of 500 contributors.  I took the liberty of creating a newspaper with Tamura Jones excellent list of Genealogists.

What a fun way to read the genealogy news :)

Please comment below with your genealogy newspaper link


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