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Luxegen Nominated in Family Tree Top 40 Contest

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Nominate a Genealogy Blog Family Tree Magazines Top 40

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Luxegen Genealogy is thrilled to be nominated in the Family Tree Magazine’s Top Genealogy blogs in the “Heritage” category.

I’m also thrilled to announce that the Alberta Family Histories Society blog (which I maintain) is nominated in the “Local Regional Research” category.

Thank you to those that nominated Luxegen Genealogy and the AFHS blog.  Congratulations to all of the other nominees!

“Help Choose the Family Tree 40!  In the July 2011 issue of Family Tree Magazine, we’ll name the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs, or Family Tree 40. It’s time to vote on the blogs nominated by the genealogy community.
The nominees are divided into eight categories. In each category, please choose five blogs. For category descriptions and Family Tree 40 qualifications, please go here.
Voting is open until 11:59 p.m. Monday, Dec. 20. You may vote multiple times.”
==>Vote and vote often for the best genealogy blogs!

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