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Book Project – Aumack Resort Meeting Lake Sask

Aumack Resort Meeting Lake Saskatchewan

Do you or family members have fond memories of fishing at Meeting Lake Saskatchewan?  Or perhaps swimming and playing in the water? Did your family rent a cabin there every summer?

My mother in law Yvonne Aumack Miller and I are compiling a history and photo collection of the Aumack Resort at Crescent Beach, Meeting Lake, Saskatchewan in order to preserve this information for posterity. 

“We are actively collecting photos, records and memories of Aumack Resort, Crescent Beach, Meeting Lake, Saskatchewan”

John and Verna Aumack along with Verna’s mother Minnie Moss homesteaded along Meeting Lake shortly after they arrived in Saskatchewan in 1917.   Meeting Lake is about 7 miles from Rabbit Lake and north of North Battleford, Sask.

The Aumack Resort was a booming place in its heydey.  There was a slide in the lake for the kids and a diving board.  Dances were held in the hall.  My mother in law remembers a band called the Half Moon.  The hall also served as a meeting place for church and a movie venue.

There were boat rentals, horseshoes, a golf course, cabin rentals and more.  The Aumack resort operated from the 1920s (or 1930s) to 1959 when it was sold.

WE NEED YOUR HELP - We are actively collecting photos, records and memories of Aumack Resort. 

If you can contribute - please send photos scanned at high resolution.  Please include information about where photo was found in order for us to credit the source and the contributor.

To contribute to the Aumack Resort project please email  Joan Miller  for more information.  Your help in saving this part of Saskatchewan history is greatly appreciated!


10 Responses to “Book Project – Aumack Resort Meeting Lake Sask”
  1. Doreen Fournier says:

    Looking for information on the family of Josef Hoffman (B. 1872) and Mary Hoffman (B. 1878). Their family immigrated to Saskatchewan in 1910 from Germany. Their children were: Barbara -B.1899, Katharina (Katy)-B. 1902, Jack (Jacob)-B. 1905, John-B. 1907, William-B. 1909, and Mary B. 1914. All the children were born in Germany except for Mary. They probably lived in the Meeting Lake, Laventure, Spiritwood, Vawn or somewhere in that general area. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Christine McFarlane says:

    Looking for the truth of why my great grandparents changed their last to to Greening from Conache. I was told that they left England because of something that happened and that is all I know. I can’t find anything out about my dad’s side of the famliy. Please help me.

  3. Hi Doreen,
    Good luck with your search. I’ll keep your quest in mind while researching our Meeting Lake book.


  4. Hi Christine,
    Someone may see your comment and may be able to help. Good luck with your search.


  5. Colin Kunkel says:

    When I was a kid, my family always rented a cabin at Meeting Lake! We always used to rent “Tumble Inn”. It was a small, green cabin, right across the road from the old dance hall. I also remember the family that ran Cresent Beach, Kitching, I believe, was the last name. I remember one summer, we went there and of course, rented “Tumble Inn”. Little did we know that there was a wasp nest underneath the floor and us pounding on the floors when we got there stirred them up. As my dad and I, and our dog, Susie, went to the well for water, I was stung by a half a dozen wasps…..so I ran into the cabin crying. We got moved to the cabin next door and had a great stay. I also remember renting a boat for fishing, or renting the paddle boat and paddling around the dock.

    Are there still cabins for rent out there? I would really love to go back there some time!!

  6. Hi Colin,
    Thanks for your note. I’m not certain if they still rent cabins but yes, it was the Kitchings that bought the resort from the Aumacks after Verna Aumack died.
    My mother in law remembers the ‘Tumble Inn’. I’m going to print your comment for her as she likes hearing about people that fondly remember Meeting Lake.


  7. Chelsea Hoffmann Stebner says:

    Hi Doreen,

    William Hoffmann born 1909 was my grandfather. My Dad, Bob (Robert), is one of his sons. Josef homesteaded at Meeting Lake and my Dad grew up in the Glenbush, Rabbit Lake area. Can we get in touch somehow?


    Chelsea Hoffmann Stebner

  8. Doreen Fournier says:

    Note to Chelsea, Hello Chelsea, I was very interested and inspired by your note regarding William Hoffman. I am trying to find information on his siblings. I understand that his parents, Josef & Maria Hoffman immigrated from Menningen Germany in 1872 with Barbara – B. 1899, Katie – B. 1902, John – B. 1907, William – B. 1909. They also had another daughter Mary – B. 1914 in Saskatchewan. My main interest is Katie, who I know to be a close relative. It is my hope that your father Robert would be able to shed some light on this family. I guess Katie would have been your father’s aunt. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chelsea. Sincerely Doreen (ad.fournier@verizon.net)

  9. Chad says:

    The old rental cabins and the dance hall were demolished a few years back, they were just too old and deteriorated. However, more camp sites have been added, most of them have power, the ones that do not should have power sometime this year(2012).

    As far as old photographs of Crescent Beach go, my family (Kitchings, who still own/operate the resort) have some pictures from the Aumack era in the 1940s.

    If you would like more information, please contact me at the email address I have provided.

  10. Thanks for your comment Chad. We are definitely interested in your old pictures. I’ve sent you an email to follow up.


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