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Canada’s Ancestors in the Attic

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A  Good Year for Genealogy TV

With all the chatter about the upcoming and newly released Genealogy/History television shows, I thought I’d mention a long time running Canadian favourite Ancestors in the Attic”.

I share with you below a short blurb from the show.

Hosted by Jeff Douglas, Ancestors in the Attic is a Gemini-nominated documentary series about ordinary people and their extraordinary stories.Produced by Toronto-based Primitive Entertainment for History Television it takes Canadians on a road trip across Canada and on a worldwide search for their ancestors. The series uncovers the personal dramas that lay in everyone’s family tree, from a woman’s search for her birth parents in Switzerland, to the discovery of long-lost family in Belarus, to a journey through the battlefields of Italy. Ancestors in the Attic provides unexpected, emotional and often life-changing answers to the genealogical questions that haunt many Canadians. does a good job of sharing their research process and creates a fine story of the individuals featured and their search for their ancestors. See the webpage for show times.

It IS a good year for Genealogy TV.  Check out ALL of the family history shows and support them by watching.  The buzz is good for everyone and will generate more excitement about genealogy and family history.  More interest equals more family connections for us all.

2010 Genealogy/History TV shows:

Ancestors in the Attic on History Television (Update – this show has been discontinued)

Faces of America on PBS

The Generations Network by BYU Television

Who Do You Think You Are on NBC  (premiering March 2010)

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