Sunday, August 18, 2019

Do You Blekko?

Genealogy Slashtags

There is a new search engine on the block with a strange name – Blekko.  Then again Google was once thought to be a strange name.

Blekko’s claim to fame is being able to search ‘crowdsourced slashtags‘.   Slashtags are built in search tags such as /blogs or /date or /map or /calendar.  

I was interested to see how this would work with my favourite topic: genealogy. 

Here are the slashtags I tried on Blekko and the results.

Slashtag Search Term:


Top 3 results: (results could have a Canadian bias, due to my location)

Dick Eastman - Meet Dick Eastman in Person

Leland Meitzler - Genealogy Blog

Muhammed Ali - - Ancestry of Muhammad Ali

Slashtag Search Term


Top 3 results: 

Huntington -   (I was expecting geneabloggers not rednecks :) )

Cambridge police acted ‘stupidly’ - Ben Smith - Comments (1311 - Obama -  (another ???)

OGS Conference 2010  (okay…bingo…this is the Ontario Genealogical Society….but the rest? Where did they come from?)

Slashtag Search Term


Top 3 results: 

Surname Search - Instructions - Surnames - GenForum

SURNAME LISTS - Surnames Lists

Glossary of Surname Meanings & Origins

I also searched a couple of my surnames and locations and found the usual sites (mostly me posting on forums).

Blekko can give tags, seo and other info about a website.  Will it be useful for genealogy?  Probably.  A new search engine might give you different results.

Will Blekko become a verb like Google?  Only time will tell.


3 Responses to “Do You Blekko?”
  1. Greg Lindahl says:

    Would you like to help edit the /genealogy slashtag?

  2. Hi Greg,
    I would be delighted to help edit the /genealogy slashtag.

    How do I start?


  3. Greg Lindahl says:

    All you have to do is create an account on Blekko, go look at the /genealogy contents (i.e. type /view /blekko/genealogy into the search box), and apply to be an editor. I’ll go and approve you.

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