Monday, September 23, 2019

Do you tweet?

Known as microblogging, Twitter is a form of immediate social networking.  Write your message in 140 characters or less and post it on the Twitter site.   Your posts are called ‘tweets’.

Use hastags (search terms) such as #genealogy or #travel or whatever interests you to find freshly posted tweets containing information of interest. 

Unlike Facebook where privacy of one’s posts can be restricted to friends’ only eyes, Tweets on Twitter are out there for the whole world to see.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge.   Consider tweeting the surnames you are researching for your family tree.  

A lot of the big corporations, news agencies, politicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities and folks like you and me can be found on Twitter.  Whatever you are interested in is being discussed, right now, right here on the net, this very minute on Twitter.

Check it out…it seems most of the genealogy people are tweeting.  See you there!


2 Responses to “Do you tweet?”
  1. Great post Joan! To see which genealogy companies and people are on Twitter, check out the article at gene@pedia:

  2. This was great information, Joan. Thank you. It cleared up a misconception for me as I thought that Twitter only sent messages to a group to “Friends” in the way that Facebook does.
    Evelyn in Montreal

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