Monday, September 23, 2019

Application for Military Service Information

Edward J. Kerr's Medals, WW2, Canada

Genealogists and family historians  looking for Canadian Service Records can do so through Library and Archives Canada (LAC) using the Application for Military Service Information.  This application is applicable for records from 1919 to 1997.

My father, Edward J KERR (1919 – 1983)  served in WWII and was discharged the 19 of January 1946.   Memorabilia from Dad’s army days are pictured above.   Mom and I recently applied for Dad’s military records including complete follow sheets.  Follow sheets will give us the geographic locations of where he served and with which regiments. We checked off the boxes indicating it was a genealogy/family history request.  (Note – Proof of relationship is required.)

We know Dad spent a lot of time in Italy (based on his stories and also from information contained in a book by army buddy Fred Cederberg entitled “The Long Road Home”). “Eddie”, as Dad was called, is mentioned several times and the book also features a photo of Dad.

===> The Long Road Home: The Autobiography of a Canadian Soldier in Italy in WWII

Library and Archives sent a note that It would be up to 7 months before they could respond to our request for military records due to the large number of inquiries received.  Priority is given to people who require documentation to prove they qualify for pensions, allowances, claims and other benefits.   That’s reasonable as one would expect they people requiring this information would need it in a timely fashion.

===> Visit Library and Archives Canada Military Records


2 Responses to “Application for Military Service Information”
  1. Linda Gartz says:

    The photo of the military memorabilia here reminds me of the kinds of stuff I have from my uncle’s service as navigator in WWII — everything from his vaccination card, to medals. I also have about 250 letters between him and his family & friends. It makes them seem closer and I feel I can partake even the tiniest bit in his experience by having and pondering these personal items. So cool that you found our dad mentioned in a book. My uncle also served in Italy. Do you know where he was stationed?

  2. Hi Linda,
    Ortona is one of the places Dad was stationed. Where was your uncle?

    Thanks for visiting.


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