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Finding the MILLER branches in New Brunswick

MILLER of Wicklow Parish, Carleton County

Royalton New Brunswick

Royalton New Brunswick located along the Maine - NB border

It was August of 2007 when we Millers made the Pilgrimage to the ‘homeland’.

This was a trip my mother in law had always wanted all of us to make together.

We had intended to do it sooner, then my father in law BEECHER MILLER got ill and life got in the way.  You know how it goes.

You see…Beech had grown up on a farm in New Brunswick, near a tiny place called Royalton which was no more than a church located on a narrow road along the Maine – New Brunswick border.  His parents were WARD MILLER (1872 -1953) and CORA HILLMAN (1874 – 1965).

We were going ‘home’ to where he had grown up.

Miller House Royalton News Brunswick

Former Miller House Royalton New Brunswick, Photo Credit: Joan Miller, 2007

There were seven of us in our little group; my mother in law, her three sons and their wives.  We had been invited back for a homecoming.

In 1889 Beech’s Grandfather, Ira MILLER (1835 – 1909)  had donated 2 acres of his farm to build a church – The Royalton Wesleyan Church (previously called the Reformed Baptist). The first meeting of the church had been at the kitchen table in the farm house.

We were invited to the Homecoming of the Royalton Wesleyan Church.

Royalton Weslayan Church

Royalton Wesleyan Church, New Brunswick, looking towards Maine. Photo credit: Joan Miller

And what a homecoming!  The people were so friendly and welcoming.   We met distant cousins and neighbours of Beech’s family.

There were two days of music; we heard moving services and had a wonderful dinner in the church basement.

Cousin Alton McCrae told the story of how he used to spend summers (when he was age 8 or s0) at his Uncle Ward’s and Aunt Cora’s farm (Beech’s parents).  Beech was already grown up by then but would come home once in awhile.  Alton remembered him from those visits.

Alton recalled how Uncle Ward slurped and said “Stay out of the well house, boys.” And how Aunt Cora would knuckle him on the head when he misbehaved :)

What a story teller, that Alton!

It was a special, special visit.  Thank you friends and family of New Brunswick!

The Miller Men had come home to their roots.


Our Miller Ancestry in New Brunswick

Our MILLER family has a New Brunswick connection that we can trace back to Ira MILLER in 1796. The names of individuals that married into the family are HARTLEY, TURNER on my father in law’s paternal side of the family and HILLMAN, DOW and CUMMING on the maternal side.

Connections?  Please contact us by leaving a comment below.

Check out the  New Brunwick Genweb Project web pages for more info about genealogy in this area.


4 Responses to “Finding the MILLER branches in New Brunswick”
  1. Miller says:

    Hello, I would like to see what information you have on Ira Miller. He was the brother of my great-great-great-grandfather. Their father was George Miller.

  2. Hi Miller Cuz,
    Calvin Miller in NB and Paul Miller in Seattle have done a lot of research on this line. Most of what I know has been detailed on Calvin’s webpage:
    Isaac Miller 1767-1770
    Ira Miller b. 1796

    I’d be interested in hearing of any other info you might have. Thanks for the connection.


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