Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Surname Saturday: Robertson in Scotland


Back to my Scottish roots and my g-grandmother Mary Metcalf ROBERTSON born November 20, 1853 daughter of James ROBERTSON and Mary WEBSTER.

She married my g-grandfather Martin Watson WILSON 24 June 1876 at New Blyth, Aberdeen Scotland.

Connections?  Please leave a comment below.


6 Responses to “Surname Saturday: Robertson in Scotland”
  1. Donna Creamore says:

    Hi! Nice to make the connection. I have James Robertson b. 1828 married to Mary Webster, in our family tree too! I have their children as
    Mary b. 1850
    Margaret Metcalf b. 1853
    James b. 1852
    Alexander b. 1856

    I also note that Mary Webster Robertson remarried, to a William Barclay and they had two sons
    William b. 1861
    John b. 1863

    Does this match your info at all? Would love more about exact dates and the marriage to Barclay etc. I have James Robertson’s parents as James Robertson and Margaret Anton (she is b. 1790 d. 1852). They married 23 Mar 1823.

    Look forward to hearing from you. My namne is Donna Creamore. I live in Vancouver BC

  2. Hi Donna,
    We are definitely connected. Margaret Metcalf Robertson was my great grandmother.
    Let’s compare notes!


  3. Donna Creamore says:

    Thanks Joan. Good to hear from you.

    To compare notes, let’s start with Mary Webster and James Robertson. See my earlier email for some questions I have. Do we have any earlier ancestors for them? Let’s stick with them, their parents and their children for now so we don’t overload my feeble brain with too much information at once… you know, I’m over 40 after all! lol

  4. Teresa Schwindt says:

    I’m researching my family history on my mother’s side of the family. My great grandmother’s name was Ann Margret Robertson. My grandmother’s name was Emily Florence Hills. I believe my great grandmother was from Scotland. My mother’s maiden name was Shirley Bernice Venables. Before my mother died, she asked me to research her side of the family. If you can get me started as to where I should look, please send me an email. Thank you

  5. Donna Creamore says:

    Love to help all I can – email me at

  6. Teresa Schwindt says:

    I am researching my grandmother’s side of the family. Emily Florence Venables with her maiden name being Hills. She is from Bushey, England.

    My grandfather’s name is Ralph Evers Venables. He had 2 brothers, Ronald and Austin. Their mother’s name was Emily Venables and she was born June 1864. Ralph Evers Venables was born February 10th, 1897. Ronald Venables, 1895 and Austin Venables, 1892. They were all living in Calgary, Alberta during the 1911 Calgary Census.

    Ronald used to work for the Canadian Pacific Railyway at the age of 16. My grandfather used to work for General Electric.

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