Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Treasure Chest Thursday-Pretty Little Pitcher

Milk Jug

Milk jug - A little pitcher This well-loved pretty little pitcher belonged to my IRVINE grandparents in Saskatchewan.  I don’t know where they got it.  The picture on the side shows two people on camels with a third camel beside them.  There are palm trees on the side.

Click on the picture a couple of times to see the enlargement of the mark.  I believe it says “Slovakia” and Czech and has the number 39.  I can’t quite make out the word that starts with M.   I assume it may be the company or area where the pitcher was made.  There is also a D and another mark at 5 o’clock that could be the artist’s mark.

Does anyone know the history of these pitchers?

This pitcher now resides at the home of one of my cousins.

Mark on pitcher - Slovakia  39

Click two times to enlarge

Slovakian pitcher

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