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Great Grandfather Woodland and wife Ida Moore

Samuel Franklin Woodland and second wife Ida Moore

Great-grandfather Samuel Franklin Woodland and second wife Ida Moore. Click for larger view.

Here is a photo taken in Ontario (after 1916?) of my Great Grandfather Samuel Franklin WOODLAND (21 October 1870 – 18 July 1961) and his second wife Ida Moore.  His first marriage was to Isabella Mary NESBITT (my great grandmother) 13 December 1893.  She died in a run away horse and buggy accident when they were living in BC.

The second marriage was to Ida Pricella Moore on 26 January 1916 in Dundas, Dundas, Ontario.  Go here to view the marriage certificate.


5 Responses to “Great Grandfather Woodland and wife Ida Moore”
  1. Peter Moore says:

    Samuel Franklin Woodland’s first wife Isabella Mary NESBITT, my paternal 3x great grandmother, born circa 1769, Helen NESBITT, married Alexander Moore 1789-90 in Co. Antrim. Could both his wives be related to me? Their granddaughter Sarah emigrated to Thunder Bay, Canada with her parents William & Mary Moore, husband William Eades and daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth about 1873 on the SS Vicksburg. Mary A.E. married George Henry Slipper, one of their children Stanley was “BIG” in the Alberta oil business.

  2. Peter Moore says:

    I was about to continue, then it disappeared, my wife’s maiden name is Kerr & her father was born in Govan, Glasgow.
    I am at my daughters in Adelaide & we leave for home a week on Sunday.

    Peter Moore

  3. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comments and nice to meet another cousin. My mom and aunt will be interested too.


  4. Marion(Irvine) Schultz says:

    Hi Peter. I am Joan’s Aunt and a sister to her Mom, Betty Kerr. Mother Isabel Irvine, Betty and my Brother Robert(Bob) went east to visit my Grandpa and wife Ida Moore. The children were maybe 4 & 6? My sister will know. I never met Ida but Grandpa, Frank Woodland came to Saskatchewan and lived with my parents. My mother Isabel and I did travel to Ottawa for her Nurse’s reunion and
    I met some of the relatives. Good Luck with your search. I do not know where Adelaide is. Marion

  5. Peter Moore says:

    Education, Education. Adelaide is the State capital of South Australia
    Peter Moore´s last [type] ..Edna Michael – John Aumack’s sister 1940 census

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