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DNA Testing Buddies

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DNA Genetic GenealogySocial networking for genealogy rocks.

What started out as a simple conversation on Facebook about sales on DNA testing for genealogy ended up in three of us participating in’s sale on their new array/chip which tests over a million SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms).  The price is excellent  and we’ll have fun comparing notes as we analyse our results.

My DNA testing buddies are Susan Petersen of Long Lost Relatives and Carole Riley of Carole’s Canvas.  Carole has a blog post up already about her venture into genetic genealogy.

I’ve blogged about our family’s serendipitous findings with DNA before.  We are part of the KERR/CARR DNA surname study.  (At least my brother is as I’m missing that all important Y chromosome).   I also have autosomal and mitochondrial testing at FTDNA.  (Call me an addict.  I didn’t need more testing but I couldn’t resist the 23andme’s offer of over a million SNPs.  I’m interested in the medical info as well as genetic genealogy).

I’m looking forward to comparing notes with my DNA Testing Buddies as we continue our genetic genealogy journey together.

Stay tuned for the spitting contests!

P.S. Susan has added her post – Jumping Into the DNA Gene Pool


11 Responses to “DNA Testing Buddies”
  1. Carole Riley says:

    It’s very exciting! And I’ve got my husband enthused about his tests all over again. He’s been in a surname project since the days of 12 markers, and he’s just been looking and found that two out of the three closest matches on 37 markers have the same first name and surname as him. Spooky!

  2. Hi Carole,
    That is so cool that your husband found matches with people with the exact same name! That happened to my brother when he tested too. I have a feeling we are going to get so many results that we’ll be busy for awhile! (Let’s hope).


  3. I’ve been contemplating this Black Friday Sale at 23andme but I am worried about whether this is the right test and if I’d even know what to do with it once I got the results. I have Megan’s book “Trace Your Roots with DNA” but have not read it (sorry, it made my eyes glaze over!). What all can I do with the results of this test? How does it compare to the FTDNA test? Thanks!

  4. Mavis Jones says:

    I took part in their spring sale so won’t be doing this one. I’m hoping for a sale with Family Finder, so that I can have autosomal results for my mother on Family Finder as well. I to am an addict even though I’ve yet to have a breakthrough as a result of it. With each test I do I keep hoping.

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I can appreciate the quest to find the right test as genetic genealogy testing is expensive. A lot of your decision will depend on your research goals. What are you trying to determine?

    There are three types of tests –
    1. YDNA – follows the paternal lineage presumably along the surname if there haven’t been any ‘non paternal events’ or name changes.
    2. mtDNA – mitochondrial DNA follows the maternal line but much further back in time. This will show the haplogroup and migrations over the eons.
    3. Autosomal testing such as FTDNA’s Family Finder and 23andme’s Relative Finder look at matches on the other 22 chromosomes and can potentially find additional cousin matches with all of the other lines in your family tree.

    I’m interested in the medical information as well as the genealogy information so was very interested in 23andme’s sale. Medical testing can be very expensive. FTDNA does not provide medical results. I am also interested in ancestral data and will be blogging about my experience of being tested at both companies.

    Kimberly Powell wrote a comparison article a few months ago which may help you make the decision.

    The ISOGG Wiki has comparison information. Of particular interest are the sections entitled “Match Menu” and “Match Responsiveness”.
    I would also suggest reading the DNA newbie section of the ISOGG website.

    I hope that helps.


  6. Joan…thank you for taking the time to answer me so thoroughly and providing the links. I have read the comparisons and am still working on all the newbie information at the ISOGG site. From what I have read I think, with more understanding, I could become an “addict” too! More than one test is probably in my future as I save up the funds to afford it. Thank you!

  7. Sara Davis says:

    I’m so excited that there are so many people who took advantage of this deal. I can’t wait for us all to share our results!

  8. Hi Sara,
    It will be fun! I was reading some of your earlier blog posts about your testing. Good job!


  9. Hi Mavis,
    I hope you find some new cousin connections with genetic genealogy. It is another tool in our genealogy toolbox!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Nat says:

    Hi I want to test genealogy to find what nationality my ancestors were. How can I and where in New Brunswick?


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