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Grandma Irvine

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Joan Kerr, Isabel Irvine, Betty Kerr

Joan as a baby (the writer of this blog), Grandma Isabel Irvine and Joan's Mom Betty

My Grandma Irvine was an amazing woman.  She was strong, independent and resilient.  I see these traits in other women in our family including my mother, myself and our daughter.

Grandma Isabel (Woodland) helped people heal.  She trained as a nurse and moved west as a pioneer wife and mail order bride to Bill Irvine.  Her skills were in high demand as she delivered over 30 babies and tended to the people in the farming community near Young, Saskatchewan.  Grandma was an ‘angel’ in the eyes of the neighbours. There were no doctors within 20 miles.  Babies tended to arrive in the dead of night or in a storm.  Grandma would travel blizzards to help neighbours nearby. She was compassionate and kind.

I remember my grandmother and my mom camping with us – myself, my husband Reg and our infant son Kevin back in 1982.  We had a propane light, a van and all kinds of “luxuries”, at least in Grandma’s eyes.  I remember Grandma saying she wished they had some of these things when they were pioneers.

I had a special bond with Grandma…we connected.

One of my motivational messages I have taped on the wall is ‘What would Grandma Irvine have done when faced with a similar health challenge as I have now?”

Fight!   Be strong.  Believe.  I feel her strength in me, through me in my genetics, in my blood.  I can do this.  I am doing this!

I think of Grandma often as I stay focused on my goal of healing.   We help ourselves heal by staying positive and focused and being loving, compassionate and kind towards our fellow man.  Thank you every one for your positive thoughts and prayers.  I feel the energy and healing. May you all have good health and be well.




5 Responses to “Grandma Irvine”
  1. Geniaus says:

    I have been impressed by your strength and determination as you have faced your recent challenges. Go, Joan.

    Grandma Irvine is watching over you as you dispaly those qualities of hers that are in your genes.
    Geniaus´s last [type] ..Adelaide Congress – Linkedin Event

  2. Susan Clark says:


    Sounds like Grandma Irvine continues to be an angel as she helps you navigate this challenge. Resilient is such a key trait – a blessing that she shared with those around her and passed on to you. Bravo!!

  3. Maryden25 says:

    Sometimes we really need someone to hold on to. Like in your case you are getting your strength and will to recover through your grandma.
    Just continue for being positive in life and keep praying.
    Maryden25´s last [type] ..Motivation To Lose Weight

  4. Jim Sanders says:

    What a great inspirations story. I wish I had recollections of my grandmothers. Both of my grandma’s died when I was really young. That is one of the reasons why I got interested in family history. I wanted to learn more about their lives.

    Regards, Jim
    Jim Sanders´s last [type] ..Follow Friday – Explorations in Connecticut Genealogy

  5. Carmen says:

    Wonderful story about your grandma! I just remembered with my grandma after reading this post. She is really care with others, no string attached..
    Carmen´s last [type] ..Superior Singing Method Review by Aaron Anastasi – Is it worth?

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