Monday, September 23, 2019

Welcome to Luxegen

Family historians and genealogists don’t often get going until they have more time in life although I seem to have been doing this for awhile, almost 20  years.  When I do a search on my Rootsweb and other postings around the net I note I’ve been hunting for connections online since 1997 or earlier.   In fact my domain name Luxegen came about as the combination of two things…a Deluxe Dictionary that was sitting on my bookshelf, and my interest in Genealogy.

I put up my first serious web pages on family tree research in 2001.  I was amazed at how many family tree connections came to me through the webpage contact.  We took my husband’s maternal line back an additional 200 years that way.

In the last year I’ve been making huge family tree banners for our family events.  I did one for the KERR family reunion this past summer and one for my mother in law’s birthday, for her AUMACK family.

To put a more active voice to this passion (addiction) I started my Luxegen Genealogy and Family History blog (where you are right now)  in September of 2008.

To see if we share connections go here.  Whether we do or not I’d enjoy hearing from you.  Please share your comments and thoughts.

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