Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Historical Timelines

Genealogy Timeline of History

Using a Historical Event Timeline

Historical events help determine why our ancestors chose to migrate from the homeland to a new country.

These events may include natural disasters, economic problems or political turmoil, war, religious or ethnic persecution, etc.

Many genealogy software programs have built in historical event timelines and viewing a timeline can be useful when researching.

I’m on the hunt for more information about our “Fille du Roi” ancestress Francoise LEMOINE who immigrated from Paris, France to New France (now Quebec) as one of 800 or so women that helped populate the new land.  (There was a shortage of women!)

My search for a timeline of early Canadian history brought me to the Timelines of History website. 

Not only does this website provide an excellent listing of Canadian history, many other countries are listed.

The researcher is able to search by:

  • Time Period
  • Country
  • USA cities
  • USA states

>>>>Search Timelines of History

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