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How do I get on the Genealogy TV Shows?

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In the last month I’ve had three different questions to my website asking how does one get on the Genealogy TV shows and in particular on the Ancestors in the Attic Show.

Ancestors in the Attic is a popular Canadian genealogy show featured on History Television.

I did some checking around and I suggest you write directly to them by using the contact form on their website: History Television

The other question was “how do I get on the Ancestry show?” I assuming they were asking about the NBC show “Who Do You Think You Are?”  Again I suggest contacting the network (NBC). This show is featuring reruns at the moment and is coming up to a second season.  You may need to be a Hollywood star to get on this one :)

If any of my readers have other suggestions regarding how one gets to star in a Genealogy TV show, please leave a comment below.

Update: Ancestors in the Attic has been discontinued.

(a special thanks to John Reid for the update).


Canada’s Ancestors in the Attic (with a mention of the other shows that are running).

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