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International Trio at Rootstech 2011

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Dick Eastman called Rootstech a “Rock Concert”.  I totally agree.  This conference was edgy and different and had a great vibe.   There were more than 3000 people in attendance from many different countries.

I met folks from all over the world.  This picture represents three countries!

From Rootstech 2011 Photos

Left to right: Marie Dougan from Scotland,  Jill Ball (Geniaus) of Australia, and myself, Joan Miller (Canada)

A special thanks to Marie and Jill for their camaraderie.

Marie helped me find 3 more records on my WILSON line in Scotland. Thank you!

I hope to see you both again at Rootstech 2012.


4 Responses to “International Trio at Rootstech 2011”
  1. geniaus says:

    We foreigners were certainly in a minority at Rootstech. Thank you also for your camaderie.I enjoyed spending time with you and Mr Luxegen.
    geniaus´s last [type] ..Jill Ball of Geniaus Blog from Australia

  2. Marie Dougan says:

    Joan – I had an amazing time at Rootstech. It was great to meet you all and I intend to keep in touch.

    Marie from Edinburgh, Scotland

  3. Hi Jill,
    Looking forward to seeing you at the next Rootstech!


  4. Hi Marie,
    We’ll definitely stay in touch. And when I get my Scottish line worked out we’ll do a roots trip to Scotland!


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