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Isabel Woodland Nursing Graduate 1925

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First Graduating Class in Nursing 1925

Starched and pressed, shoes polished and bodies posed. This photo shows the graduates of the first nursing class from Ottawa Civic Hospital in 1925.

First Graduating Class for Nurses at Ottawa Civic Hospital 1925

My grandmother Isabel (WOODLAND) IRVINE was in that class and can be seen in the front row, far left.  (CLICK on the photo for a larger view).  Grandma graduated fifth in the class and kept her nurse’s registration active until she turned 65.  She attended at my birth and before that at the birth of countless other youngsters in the hills near Young, Saskatchewan.  Her husband Bill Irvine was a homesteader in the area. Surnames mentioned on the back of the photo are Woodland, Mulraugh, Webb, Bennett, Morrison, Wheissel, Sterwart, McIlroy, Richardson, Curren, Byers, Lenohan, McLelland, Maxwell, McDonald, Farmer, Kemp, Mitchell, Payne, Reid, Nexon, Trott, Allison, Boyle, Currie.  (CLICK on the photo for a larger view.)   If you have connections or comments please use the form below.

First Nursing Class Graduates 1925 - Ottawa Civic Hospital

Names on the back of the photo of the First Graduating Class of Nurses, Ottawa Civic Hospital 1925. Zoom in and out below.

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