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Jemina KERR married to Alphonso CARBEE

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Jemina KERR was the sister of my great, great grandfather James Kerr.  The following paragraph is found in The History of Compton County and Sketches of the Eastern Townships, District of St. Francis,  and Sherbrooke County.  Compiled by L.S. Channell. Published 1896.  Quebec.  Found online here.

ALPHONSO CARBEE, farmer, was born in Waterville, March 8, 1843. When seventeen
years of age he went to the Western States, returning in seven years. Since then he has
resided in Compton, Coaticook and Waterville. Mr. Carbee has always followed farming.
For the past five years he has been a member of the municipal council of Waterville He
was married in Compton, January 7, 1873, to Jemima, daughter of the late James Kerr.
No children.

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One Response to “Jemina KERR married to Alphonso CARBEE”
  1. linda kerr says:

    there is a picture of `Alphonso Carbee” as council member for Waterville in a book about the Townships but I don’t know it off hand.

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