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Luxegen Honoured: Happy 101 Award

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One of the glorious things about being part of an online community and especially the genealogy online community are the wonderfully warm and friendly people one meets.  I wish to thank Thomas MacEntee of Destination Austin Family for giving me the Happy 101 Award!  Thank you!

One of the conditions one assumes when accepting the Happy 101 award are to list 10 things that make me happy.

Here is my list:

1.  I have good health because without that the rest doesn’t matter.

2. My family and friends are happy and healthy.

3.  I retired 3 months ago and now have more time to pursue genealogy!

4. My hubby and I can travel.

5. I am constantly learning….Genealogy, business, latest computer programs…  “Grow or Die”, they say!

6.  Our children grew up to be wonderful, intelligent, well rounded individuals and we are so proud of them.  (I hope they read this :)

7.  I enjoy playing soccer on my ladies soccer team (indoor in the winter and outdoor in the summer, although those outdoor fields are getting bigger and bigger every year!)   We have the best team name:  The Cougars!

8.  It makes me happy to blog about genealogy (my passion erm….addiction?).  It is easy to blog about something you love.

9.  It makes me happy to help people be it genealogy or Toastmasters or the other activities I am involved in.

10.  I really enjoyed putting together the article about my grandmother for the Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan book and the discussion and stories that came about with my Mom, Uncle and Aunt as a result.

I wish to pass the award along to other geneabloggers or website owners who make the online genealogy world an interesting place to be!

1.  Finding Our Ancestors

2. Carole’s Canvas

3. Dawn- Ann’s Explorations

4. The Armchair Genealogist

5. Ancestral Notes

6. Genealogy Canada

7. Looking for Ancestors

8. Ask Olive Tree

9. Janet the Researcher

10. Rosemary in Australia


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