Friday, August 23, 2019

Make Genealogy +1 New Google “Like” button

Genealogy is +1

Genealogy is +1

Do you sometimes see good genealogy content, tips and blog posts on the web that you’d like to recommend?

Just like Facebook has the “Like” button, Google now has the “+1″ button.

It’s part of the battle for adding social media relevance to search results.

If you’re logged into your Google account, try it out on my site – You can see it on my home page at the right top.   Click the +1 button.

If you want to discover more and see how to get your own +1 for your site, read their blogpost here

Add it to your site, let me know, and I’ll +1 you back.

Let’s make Genealogy +1!


9 Responses to “Make Genealogy +1 New Google “Like” button”
  1. What is interesting about the +1 buttons is that the counts are determined from the page, not the site. For example, if you are viewing this post on the main page of this blog, or are viewing it on the direct page for this post, you will see different counts next to the +1 button on the upper right.

    For blogs this raises an interesting question, since there are several ways to get to the same post – the main page, a search-based page, viewing posts chronologically, and the direct page. Each of these theoretically would show up with different counts. The trick is to link the +1 to each post if you want the posts to be clicked on (Blogger does this automatically).

    If you want one button in the upper right to always represent the site itself and not the page it shows up on, you need to change the code to include the URL of the site. I haven’t seen anywhere that documents how to do this, but looking at the code in the blogger buttons on each post, it’s not too hard to figure out.
    Philip Trauring´s last [type] ..My new article series on the JewishGen blog

  2. A.C. Ivory says:

    Thanks for sharing Joan! This new button is awesome! I have added it to my homepage and will work on adding it to other pages on my site! Thanks!

  3. Hi Philip,
    I did a test on whether the button needed to be on the post or the page in order to “like” individual posts. On my self hosted wordpress blog the +1 worked to “like” individual posts even when the button was on the home page.

    I can tell by going to my gmail Profile page. There one clicks on the +1 tab and I can see the two posts I “liked” with +1.

    Bottom line – for a self hosted wordpress blog it is not necessary to put the +1 code on individual posts.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with blogger.



  4. Hi A.C.,
    You are welcome. It is another tool to use to help people find genealogy :)

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Geniaus says:

    Thanks, Joan.

    Great sharing.

    I am going to find the code and add it to my blogs right now.
    Geniaus´s last [type] ..Speedos – Carnival of Genealogy Edition 106 – Fourth Annual Swimsuit Edition

  6. Where do I find the widget? It doesn’t appear anywhere for the main blog home page. I added one for individual posts, but I like the widget you have at the top of your right hand column. I use Blogger, and I can’t find this.
    Heather Wilkinson Rojo´s last [type] ..More Myths told by Tour Guides

  7. Jenna Mills says:


    How do I tell who else clicked or is that not the point? Do you see that I clicked directly on the post itself?

  8. Hi Heather,
    Jill Ball over at Geniaus found a better help file that should lead you to the 1+ widget.

    Hope that helps,

  9. Hi Jenna,
    I had a hard time finding it too. If you go to your gmail profile (upper right – click on your email address, a dropdown menu appears. Choose “View Profile”). On the profile page I can see my photo on the left and to the right of that along the top tabs are “Picasaweb”, +1s, Buzz.

    When you click on the +1s it shows everyone that +1′d your post :)

    Hope that helps. Thanks for your question.


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