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My Genealogy Morning Tech Routine

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My friend Geniaus Jill on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia has asked about our genealogy morning tech routine.

My routine is probably very similar to most retired and semi-retired Genea-folks.  I make the social media rounds on my iPhone first generally while eating breakfast – email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ responding, ‘liking’ and so forth.  I also check CBC News so I know what is happening in the world.  We gave up getting the newspaper awhile back.  Checking the outside world on an iPhone is faster than any conventional method I’ve found.

After breakfast I head downstairs to my genea-cave and fire up the laptop.  I then make my blog rounds via google reader;  respond to the emails that require more dexterity that a short iPhone reply allows.  I may do a blog post, check my various commercial websites or work on some of my volunteer activities.  Right now I’m preparing a Y-DNA talk I’m giving next Tuesday at the DNA SIG of my local genealogical society;  getting speakers for an event for our Toastmasters club and working on PR duties for an upcoming genealogy conference in April 2012, not to mention running a free registration giveaway contest for Rootstech.

And by then the day is well under way (or mostly over).  I try to make time for BALANCE every day – that means a walk, quiet qigong meditation or hard exercise such as an indoor soccer game….and maybe some poking around a genealogy database or perusing my genetic genealogy matches.  Doing genealogy is BALANCE isn’t it? :)

At the end of the day I put all of my electronics to bed on their respective chargers.  After all we need to be able to play again tomorrow.

Thanks for an interesting question, Jill.




One Response to “My Genealogy Morning Tech Routine”
  1. Geniaus says:

    Thanks, Joan, for your response and I agree that we need to have some balance so I might just close off now and go for a swim.
    … and I’d love to hear about your genea-cave some time.
    Geniaus´s last [type] ..Genealogists – What’s your Morning Tech Routine?

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