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QR Codes and Genealogy – The Wave of the Future?

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Have you heard of QR codes for genealogy?

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers* recently wrote a two part article that discusses QR codes and how they could be used for genealogy.

  • Part 1 explains what QR codes are.
  • Part 2 explains their use for genealogy including Historic Sites, Records, Libraries, Tombstones and Conferences. 

QR codes are similar to bar codes that can be read by one’s cell phone.  They are catching on all over the world and are even being used in Japan on tombstones. 

In Japan, QR codes allow you to capture the information about the deceased onto your cell phone by scanning.  They are also used on monuments and in libraries and museums to pass information to the visitor. 

I first encountered QR codes at a recent conference.  A vendor scanned my name tag for a free draw.  It was quick and easy and took only a few seconds.

I even made my first QR code of this website’s url.

*Thomas MacEntee will be speaking at an Alberta Family Histories Society special event in October.



Japan QR Codes on Tombstones

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