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RootsTech Official Blogger

RootsTech 2011 Official Blogger

I’ve been invited to be a Rootstech Official Blogger for the upcoming conference in Salt Lake City, February 10 to 12, 2011. I am thrilled!  You may be asking “What exactly is a Rootstech Official Blogger”?   We are akin to roving reporters who will be tweeting and blogging on the happenings of the conference.  I am delighted to accept this honour from FamilySearch and look forward to sharing what I learn at the conference with all of my readers.

What is RootsTech?

Rootstech is billed as a “A New Family History and Technology Conference”.   It is an opportunity for genealogists, from amateurs to experts, to meet with technology innovators, both in and out of the genealogy field in order to brainstorm and learn together.

There will be dozens of workshops, classes,  discussions and keynote talks will be held over the three days of RootsTech. A selection of the topics covered:

  • Applying social networking techniques and technologies to collaborate as families and societies
  • Cameras, scanners, and preservation devices
  • Cloud computing
  • Using standards and authorities to enhance applications and search techniques
  • Handwriting recognition and automated transcription
  • Search engines and tools
  • GPS mapping
  • Tricks and travails in embedding external components
  • Leveraging records digitization and preservation
  • Media capture and conversion
  • Available APIs and Web services
  • Understanding new markets
  • Mobile devices and smartphone applications
  • DNA Genetic Genealogy
  • Interactive Genealogy
  • Library digitization
  • Virtual Presentations Roundtable
  • Leading industry keynote speakers
  • and more

Come find me if you are attending this exciting event February 10 to 12, 2010 in the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’d love to meet up. Early bird registration (at a bargain of $99) ends January 7, 2011.

==>Visit for more information.


6 Responses to “RootsTech Official Blogger”
  1. Congrats on your “appointment” Joan. I will count on you for a full report! Sounds very exciting.

  2. Thanks Denise! I hope you come to RootsTech too!


  3. Taneya says:

    Congrats! I’ll be following your posts with great attention as I’m very interested in all that will come out of this conference.

  4. Hi Taneya,
    I look forward to reporting from conference and sharing what I learn.
    Thanks for visiting.


  5. Amy Coffin says:

    Belated congratulations. I look forward to seeing you there.
    Amy Coffin´s last [type] ..Advent Calendar- December 22

  6. Hi Amy,
    Thanks! Congratulations to you too! I’m looking forward to seeing you there!


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