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Rootstech: Standing Ovation at a Genealogy Conference?

From Rootstech 2011 Photos

Rootstech wasn’t your typical genealogy conference.   Edgy and innovative, it was a meld of technology and genealogy with a Microsoft Playground (photo above),  state of the art scanning stations, unconferencing areas and more.

There were two Rootstech streams -

1) Genealogy presentations that used technology in some manner.  For example Patricia Van Skaik’s presentation “Advanced Photography Brings Ancestors to Life” , Thomas MacEntee’s Virtual presentations Roundtable and AC Ivory’s Mobile Apps.

2) Techie presentations ranging from Python libraries, XHTML Friends network to a programmer’s challenge.

To add to the mix, there were traditional genealogy presentations.

The pace was fast paced and the average age was lower than the usual demographic at a genealogy conference (myself being the usual age!).   Our son, the computer programmer would have enjoyed this conference.

Getting the Word Out….FAST

I’ve attended large internet marketing conferences populated with people on top of the latest and fastest media dissemination.  They use Twitter and and they use video.

From Rootstech 2011 Photos

Photo: Media Hub at Rootstech

And so did many of us at Rootstech.  I was there reporting as an “official Rootstech Blogger“. We bloggers were in the center of the action in the media hub with lots of people stopping by. (see Rootstech Exhibit Hall)

I loved the interaction but I also found it didn’t make for fast blogging while one is networking and also hoping to attend sessions and visit exhibits.

Microblogging by Tweeting was the way to go. Despite intermittent and patchy WIFI connections in the various conference rooms I still managed to get out many tweets on all three days.  (My data roaming charges will be high for the times the WIFI didn’t work!).

While Tweets are limited to messages of 140 characters or less, we Tweeters can share a lot of info with the folks at home during a presentation. (see my Twitter stream at @luxegen, or search on the #Rootstech hashtag)

Time to Catch up With the Blogging

I’m home now and it is time to catch up with the blogging.

I will be sharing with you the take away messages from the sessions I attended and from the individuals I interviewed.  And more photos!

My Favourite Part?

Twitter buddies are asking about my favourite part of Rootstech.

That’s hard to pin down.

  • I loved networking and meeting my fellow geneabloggers face to face and I enjoyed meeting the industry leaders in both the technology and genealogy worlds.
  • I was delighted to discover my blog was the inspiration for the winning programmer challenge (details to follow).
  • I think the most exciting part of this conference was the vibe.   A true mashup of roots meets tech.
From Rootstech 2011 Photos

PHOTO: Thanking the Rootstech Organizing Team

Perhaps this says it all -

Jay Verkler, CEO of FamilySearch getting emotional when the audience gave the Rootstech Team a standing ovation at the closing ceremonies.

When was the last time you saw a standing ovation at a genealogy conference?

Stay tuned for more!


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[Disclosure - as an official Rootstech Blogger I was given certain perks such as free registration].

© 2011 Photos and Content: B Joan Miller


7 Responses to “Rootstech: Standing Ovation at a Genealogy Conference?”
  1. Carole Riley says:

    Thanks for sharing your highlights! I would love to join you at next year’s conference but I’m afraid it won’t be possible unless there is more video-conferencing available.
    Carole Riley´s last [type] ..What time zone is that

  2. Rob Dunford says:

    Thanks for your reporting. Was unable to attend in person but the online sessions streamed were extremely helpful. Kudos to all involved, including yourself.

    Thanks again,


  3. Lynn Palermo says:

    Thanks Joan, I followed your tweets all weekend, and enjoyed the online presentations immensely, I look forward to reading your take aways this week.

  4. Hi Carole,
    Thanks. I think they will offer more virtual classes next year. This was the inaugural event and was put together in 7 months so everything was in ‘beta’. It will only get better as the organizers implement the feedback they have heard from the attendees.

    Thanks for visiting.


  5. Hi Rob,
    You are very welcome. Stay tuned for more as I catch up post conference.


  6. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for your comments. It was a fun conference and I look forward to sharing more.



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