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Sask Homestead Record – Aumack and Moss

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John Henry Aumack – Sask Homesteader

John Henry Aumack arrived in North Battleford in January of 1917 with Verna, daughter Gretchen and Verna’s mother Minnie Moss.

John Aumack established a homestead at NW 26, 48, 12 W 3rd near Meeting Lake Sask.  (Sask Archives record 1818262).

Homesteaders had a certain length of time to break and crop the land.  This could take several years. The claim had to be  proven (with sworn statements).

Homestead Records – Aumack

Photos of microfilm of original homestead application.  Source Sask Archives.  Photos taken with permission. CLICK PHOTO TO SEE MORE

Index to photo of the Aumack Homestead Application.

Page 1 of the Homestead Application is the cover sheet with the number 1818367 and land description

Page 2 John Henry Aumack, farmer of Meeting Lake.  Naturalization had been applied for. (Dec 16, 1922 – naturalization granted)

Dates on page November 3, 1917,  March 1918 to present date.

Wife and three children

Year 1919 Broken 15 acres, cropped 10 acres.

Year 1920 Broken 17 acres, cropped 20 acres.

1917 – 4 cattle

1918 – 11 cattle, 2 horses

1919 – 21 cattle, 3 horses

1920 – 21 cattle, 4 horses

Page 3

Building – 20 x 24 log and timber Value $400

Two Stables of logs Value $200

Granary Logs Value $100

Well $50

All fenced wire and poles $150

Signed November 11, 1920 by John Henry Aumack at Battleford Sask.

Pages 4 and 5 sworn statements of Dominicus Vrom (?) and Gzak K. J. VanDyke (?).  (writing difficult to decipher).  Usually neighbours gave the sworn statements to support the homesteader’s application.

John Aumack later purchased land at SW 35 48 12 W3 (originally homesteaded by a Mr. Ernest – Sask Archives Record 3064287.)

Minnie Moss – “Farmerette”

Minnie Moss established a homestead at NE 26,48,112, W3.  (Sask Archives record 2405432) and SE 35 48 12 W3 (Sask Archives record 3067386).  Note on the last page of Minnie’s application that she is called a “Farmerette”.    Also note her signature. (click on the photo to see more).

Homestead Records – Moss


1918 Broken 12 acres 6 cropped

1920 Broken 20 acres 12 cropped

1921 – 23 acres cropped

1818 – 3 cattle

1919 – 7 cattle

1920 – 12 cattle

1921 – 15 cattle

Building 14 x 16 Logs and timber $75

Chicken House $25

Well $25

Click on the photo above to see photos of the Sask archives microfilm.  Originals are at the Sask Archives in Saskatoon.  We viewed the microfilms at Sask Archives in Regina.

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