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SLC Genealogy Research Travel Kit

RootsTech 2011 Official Blogger

The Rootstech Conference and our genealogy research time in Salt Lake City is fast approaching.  We will be researching in the Family History Library prior to the conference. With that in mind I’m considering what will be in my SLC Genealogy Research Travel Kit.

Items on the list so far:

1. Netbook computer – this is all important for two reasons.  Research files and photos can be downloaded on the netbook.  Also a copy of our family tree can reside on the netbook for easy reference.

Secondly, I will be serving as an official Rootstech blogger. That means I will be reporting live from the event via social media such as blog, Twitter and Facebook and will require a computer or phone to do so.

2. iPhone (with  extra data roaming/phone service enabled).    I can tweet and Facebook from the conference with my phone if I don’t have room to bring out the netbook.  (I also have the family tree on the iphone…call me an addict).

3.  Research Plan – we will have several days prior the conference to research.  I have been reviewing my Genealogy To-Do list and creating a detailed research plan.   I will be concentrating on the KERRs, WILSONs and Irvines.  My husband, the “non genealogist” is “in training” as a research assistant and he plans to work on his MILLERs.

4.  Small accordion file organizer for the papers and photocopies I’m likely to collect.

5.  A Memory Stick or two – I can back this up onto my netbook at the end of each day.

6. My Magic Wand Portable Scanner. I plan to buy a Flip-Pal scanner at the conference but won’t have it in time for the research portion of this trip.  Many of the geneabloggers are buzzing about the Flip-Pal and how it is a very useful tool.

7.  Digital Camera for taking captures of microfilm screens.

8.  My Flip camera to capture moments with my fellow Rootstech bloggers and conference attendees.

9.  Magnifying ruler just in case the aging eyes let me down.

10.  Business cards – to hand out to conference connections.

11.  Small computer backpack to carry all of the above paraphernalia.

I’m sure I’ll think of more items for my SLC genealogy Research Travel Kit as the time gets closer.

Our adult children will be holding down the fort at home and will look after the cat and mail.  (It is our daughter’s cat anyway!)


11 Responses to “SLC Genealogy Research Travel Kit”
  1. Wish I could be there! I’m sure you will have a GREAT time and I’m looking forward to reading all about it…
    Becky Wiseman´s last [type] ..Grandmas New House – 1950

  2. Geniaus says:

    You must have a crystal ball!
    You have provided some answers to the questions I posted earlier today ( about preparing for my visit to Salt Lake City.
    Thank you so much.
    Geniaus´s last [type] ..An old girls prayers answered

  3. Hi Becky,
    Wish you could be there too! Thanks for visiting.


  4. Hi Geniaus,
    My crystal ball probably left out a few items. I’ll be comparing notes with you and the others to see if there is anything else we need to bring.

    Thanks for visiting.


  5. Xenia says:

    Hi Joan, This will be a great conference supply list to put into an issue of Chinook. Probably the next one for which the deadline is February 1st, but that comes out for April probably a week before the end of March. So that would hit the main conference season. So anyone else, please send you tips to Joan and, if she can add them in time for February 1st deadline, that would be great.

    Chinook Editor

  6. Xenia says:

    I have one item that I find very useful. At some conferences, I have collected some over the neck pouches. One of the most useful has a plastic view opening large enough for your name tag (so no more pins to put on blouses or jackets or clips that fall off), two pouches – one I use to put my business cards in to hand out and the other to collect business cards from others. This way, I am not always fishing in a briefcase or backpack for a card to hand out or a place to put those I collect. My favourite also has a zippered pouch at the back to hold change and/or your ID card for the FHL and/or your copy card. No more fishing for these things.

  7. Hi Xenia,
    Thanks for the comments. I’ll collect the suggestions and submit an article for Chinook.


  8. I am envious already! I have one suggestion to add to your travel kit — label everything! Especially your flash drives. I left mine in a scanner at the FHL and when I asked at Lost and Found they brought out a shoebox filled with lost drives. One bright young man had the job of opening each drive and trying to identify the owners. He showed me how to create an If Lost file. Now, I make it even easier with a little stick-on label.
    Denise Levenick´s last [type] ..The Tale of Poor George

  9. Great suggestion Denise. Thanks!


  10. Sheri Fenley says:

    Mahvahlous list Joan, but what about the OTHER list. You know the non-tech stuff like clothes and shoes (lots of shoes).
    Sheri Fenley´s last [type] ..BBQ- Bonding and Cracking The Whip

  11. Hi Sheri,
    Oh no…I forgot the shoes! (never room for enough shoes on a trip!).

    I’ll add the shoes to the next version of the list. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.


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