Sunday, August 25, 2019

SNGF – Do we have a life outside of genealogy?

Randy Seaver over at Geneamusings challenges the online genealogy crowd once a week with a little Saturday night genealogy fun.  I know this is Sunday but hey…I do have a life outside of genealogy (the fact that this is late because I was at a genealogy conference all weekend has nothing to do with it :)

Here is what I enjoy outside of genealogy:

I play soccer on a ladies team.  Indoor in the winter (we are in Canada!) and outdoor in the summer.  I do admit the outdoor fields get bigger every year!

We love to travel.  In  fact the genealogy conference we attended (Mesa #FHexpo) is part of a two week trip.

I have been a toastmaster for eight years and volunteer with the organization.  Toastmasters teaches effective communication and leadership. 

We like the outdoors and go hiking and camping when we can.  Skiing too.

I also enjoy reading and tend to have a couple of books on the go.  We have season tickets to live theatre.  I also like learning and am currently taking a business course.

And of course family and friends play a big part.

So that’s my life outside of genealogy.

Thanks for SNGF Randy!

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