Tuesday, November 12, 2019

SNGF: My Matrilineal Line

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has once again challenged us to Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

Our challenge is to

1) List our matrilineal line – our mother’s mother’s mother’s line

My matrilineal line goes like this starting with my grandmother (and not my mother – for privacy reasons.)

1. me

2. Mom

3. Eliza Isabella WOODLAND (1898 – 1989) (Ontario – Saskatchewan) – married to William John IRVINE

4. Isabella Mary NESBITT (1863 – 1910) (Ontario – BC) – married to Samuel Franklin WOODLAND

5. Mary Jane LEMOINE ( 1841 – 1904) Ontario – Ontario) – married to Sam Bankhead NESBITT

6. Agnes LANG (1813 – 1898)  ( ? – Ontario) – married to Antoine LEMOINE

2) State whether we have had our mitochondrial DNA tested and what our haplogroup is.

Our maternal haplogroup is H1. (see Deep Ancestry – Maternal Haplogroup)



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