Monday, September 23, 2019

Stronger Than Dirt?

Set it and Forget it Files Backup

What would you do if you had a computer crash?  Panic perhaps?  Or go to one of your many computer backups and restore the files?

Given recent conference sessions and webinars on the topic of files backup I thought I would share my strategy. My earlier post Where is your Digital Shoebox” was one of the steps in my ever evolving backup plan.

I back up everything…and I mean everything.   I back up my social media, my email,  my computer documents and my blog in several different places using several different methods.

It is called redundancy and I believe my strategy is stronger than dirt…. or least almost there.

In case of disaster recovery I want hassle free restoration.  Also, if I buy a new computer I want to be able to easily move my files.

Joan’s Files Backup Strategy

I instinctively knew that effective files backup for me had to be automatic or it wouldn’t get done.  All of  my files backup options happen behind the scenes automatically and on a consistent basis.

Here is what I do:

1.    External hard drive – I recently upgraded from a 500 Gigabyte to 1000 gigabyte hard drive, set to automatically do a complete backup of everything except system files and programs on a regular basis.  I manage it through my PCs control panel >>settings >>backup

2.     Dropbox – If you haven’t tried Dropbox, I urge you to check it out.  Files in your dropbox folder on any computer update on a continuous basis.  Changes on my netbook I take traveling and the home laptop automatically sync within seconds (if I’m connected to the net and both are turned on).  If you are a frequent traveler you will appreciate this option.  You can also share folders with others with all contributors being able to update the files.    Dropbox gives a free basic account for 2 GB and a 50G (and up) paid version.  I have the free version and keep files I am actively using on this service.

3.    Backupify – On a weekly basis Backupify backs up my social media accounts.  That includes two twitter accounts, my Facebook, my gmail folders and  picasa photos.  Backupify will allow you to back up 5 different accounts free.

4.  WordPress blog – I use a wordpress plugin called WP Backup to back up my blog which emails me a backup on a regular schedule.  This includes backing up all of my tables and the nitty gritty crucial wordpress files.   My blog is doubly backed up as my email is also backed up.

5.  Mozy – This is my heavy duty stronger than dirt files backup…and that’s how they advertise it.  I pay for this service and it is worth every penny.  I used to have Dell’s files backup service and it wasn’t as user friendly.

Mozy is like having another hard drive in the cloud.   It even appears as another hard drive on your computer. Take a look at this photo of my file folders.

Mozy Online files Backup

You can copy and paste files across and easily restore files.  Mozy does a files backup on my computer twice a day.

So that’s my Stronger than Dirt Files Backup Plan.  I set it and I forget it.  (with periodic checks that all can be restored if necessary).  There is no way I’m going to lose those genealogy files and photos!  Please comment below to share your files backup plan!

>> Go Here to Visit Mozy

UPDATE – one of my blog visitors reminded me of Evernote.   I love Evernote because I can ‘tag’ my notes with keywords and easily find them again.  Evernote lives in a cloud too and is rapidly becoming my replacement for bookmarks.

I’m also testing SugarSync and may sign up for the paid service.



Disclosure -  If you also like Mozy for files backup and purchase by going through my link or banner I will receive a small referral commission at no extra cost to you.  If you are considering buying Mozy please click on the banner or link above.  Thanks.


7 Responses to “Stronger Than Dirt?”
  1. I use Backupify also and was just wondering if I should back up Facebook. I don’t care all that much about backing up Twitter but Facebook I do. In place of Mozy, I use Carbonite and I also use and LOVE dropbox. Evernote is great for more cloud options.
    Lisa Wallen Logsdon´s last [type] ..Wordless Wednesday- Allison and Laura Trowbridge

  2. Geniaus says:

    You are so well organised, Joan.

    I think I back everything up but need to write up my plan to see if there are any holes, blogging about it is a good idea.

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Geniaus´s last [type] ..Where have my Google alerts gone

  3. Carole Riley says:

    I do most of those things too!

    External hard drive – I have two – a 1TB drive that I back up everything when I think of it. It’s in my office and my laptop moves between my office and the living room, so I have to consciously remember it. I also now have a 1TB portable drive, which I had to buy when I had to remove all my photos (except family history ones) from my 3 year old laptop for space reasons. Never rely on just one hard drive! I back everything up to it at the same time as the other one.

    Dropbox I use Dropbox for things I am working on constantly. I tried using it for TMG but it needed too much discipline. It’s better for Word documents, so I keep the courses and thesis I’m writing there, and can synchronise between my laptop and netbook. They are also available to me online from anywhere, so I keep a backup of any presentations there too. I also use it to share files with clients and other volunteers at the Society.

    Backupify – I played with this once but didn’t continue with it, for some reason that I can’t remember. I don’t back up the Facebook accounts and pages or Twitter accounts. I’m still not entirely sure of the need for it.

    Mozy – I’ve used Mozy for years and I wouldn’t be without it. It saved me once when my Outlook mailbox vanished one day, and I only lost about 12 hours worth of emails. I do wonder sometimes how much I should back up there, as it takes so long to do the first backup.

    WordPress – I use the same backup plugin, and I have the backups of 5 different blogs emailed to me every day. It fills up my mailbox pretty quickly but it’s worth it. I delete old ones when I think of it.

    I also have most of my emails picked up by Gmail, which is another backup of sorts.

    Hmm, that looks like a blog post right there!
    Carole Riley´s last [type] ..A thankyou to all my cousins

  4. Hi Carole,
    It sounds like you are well prepared! Backupify has an interesting feature that makes a pdf file of your social media backups. I’ve used it a couple of times to retrieve links that I retweeted and wanted to remember (and forgot to bookmark or add to evernote).

    Thanks for dropping by.


  5. Hi Geniaus Jill,
    Thanks. I hope I never have to use my backups. I’ve been playing with Sugarsync in the past week. Have you tried it? It looks like a good one.

    Thanks for visiting.


  6. Hi Lisa,
    I forgot to mention that I use Evernote! Thanks for reminding me. Yes, it is another great cloud and I’m using it more and more because of the ability to tag one’s notes with keywords. I actually prefer it to bookmarks.

    Thanks for stopping by :)



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