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Surnames for our Genetic Genealogy Matches

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Genetic Genealogy is one of my interests.  We have tested at Family Tree DNA and 23andme, plus searched databases elsewhere. Whenever we get an autosomal DNA match we compare names and geographic locations so that we can find out where we have the connection.

Here is our direct line SURNAME LIST so that I can quickly share with our cousin matches.

GROUP 1 – Joan’s paternal line  (Y-DNA Haplogroup is I1.  Surname is KERR.)

  • KERR – Ireland to Compton Township, Quebec (1840s) to Saskatchewan, Canada
  • HENDERSON – Ireland to Compton Township, Quebec (1840s)
  • BALL – Cavin County, Ireland to Compton Township, PQ  (Boston connection too)
  • BRADY – Cavin County, Ireland to Compton Township, PQ
  • WILSON – Aberdeenshire and Banffshire, Scotland to Saskatchewan, Canada
  • ROBERTSON – Netherbrae and New Blythe, Scotland
  • DOCKAR – Scotland
  • WEBSTER – Scotland
  • ANTON – Scotland

GROUP 2 – Joan’s maternal line (mtDNA haplogroup H1)

  • IRVINE – County Antrim, Ireland to Saskatchewan, Canada
  • HUNTER – County Antrim
  • WOODLAND – County Sligo, Ireland to Ontario to Saskatchewan Canada
  • NESBITT – County Down, Ireland to Ontario, Canada
  • GODWIN – Surrey, England to Ontario, Canada
  • LEMOINE – Ontario, Canada
  • LANG – Ontario?

GROUP 3 – Husband’s paternal line (YDNA Haplogroup is R1b1b2a1a1*. Surname is MILLER)

  • MILLER – Netherlands, Connecticut, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
  • GALLOP- Nova Scotia
  • NEWCOMB – Nova Scotia? or nearby USA
  • ESTEY – Suffolk County, England; Essex Massachusetts, New Brunswick
  • EASTWICK (ESTE) – Essex, England
  • ARNOLD -Suffolk, England
  • TOWNE – Norfolk, England, Massachusetts (Mary Towne Estey of Salem Witch fame)
  • KIMBALL – Massachusetts
  • DENTON – England
  • BLESSING – England
  • PREASTE – England
  • FISKE – Massachusetts and New Brunswick
  • HAZEN – Massachusetts and New Brunswick
  • HARTLEY – New Brunswick
  • HILLMAN – New Brunswick, New England states USA, England
  • MAYHEW- Eastern USA
  • LINDOPP – England to eastern USA
  • TOMPKINS – New Brunswick
  • DOW -  England, Massachusetts,  New Brunswick
  • MARCH – England
  • HUTCHINS – Massachusetts
  • BROWNE – Massachusetts
  • JEWETT – Massachusetts
  • TIDD – New Brunswick
  • COMINS, CUMMINGS – Massachusetts, Maine
  • AMES – Massachusetts
  • NORCROSS – Maine

GROUP 4 – Husband’s maternal line (mtDNA haplogroup W1c)

  • VAN AMAK – came from Dutch colony on Danish Island of Amager to Long Island, NY.
  • AMAK, AUMOCK,  – New Jersey, Montgomery County, New York
  • AUMACK – Montgomery County, NY and Berrien County Michigan
  • BROUWER – Queens, NY
  • McCARN
  • POOL
  • LEWIS – Montgomery County, New York
  • CLAWSON – Michigan, West Virginia, Arkansas
  • BESTWICK – Staffordshire, England to Mercer County, Pennsylvania to Michigan
  • CLEWLOW – England to Mercer Co, Pennsylvania
  • MOSS – Wiltshire, England to Connecticut to Pennsylvania to Nebraska to Michigan
  • CHARLES – Connecticut
  • LOTHRUP – Connecticut
  • COLE
  • ATWATER – New Haven County, CT.
  • HOTCHKISS – New Haven County, CT
  • PIERPOINT – Susquehanna County, PA
  • LORD – New York
  • HARTSELL – Michigan
  • PUTERBAUGH – Germany, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan
  • ADAM
  • GIFT
  • ROOF

And yes, I have done a lot more research on hubby’s side of the family.  It is simply easier because he has mostly American ancestors from the eastern part of the USA :)   Contrast that with trying to research in Ireland!

If you have a connection please comment below.


















3 Responses to “Surnames for our Genetic Genealogy Matches”
  1. Janeen Proctor says:

    I think your husband may share Brouwer with my mom. Adam Brouwer was born in Germany about 1621, I think. He died 1692 in Queens. He had a daughter, Magdalena Helena Brouwer 1660 in Long Island. She married William Hendricxen {Dutch} and had daughter, Fytje de Ronde in Tarrytown, NY. Fytje married Hark Kranckheyt {Dutch}, later descendants spelled it Conkright. My mom had her DNA done at 23 and me and also has it on GEDMATCH.

  2. Looking for Gardner married to Shober Michigan 1884,also connections to Linds,Courtades,and Swainston all of Mid to Upper Michigan.

  3. Take a look at this Canadian-Jamaican immigrant story through the eyes of the author G.A. Archambeau, and his family connections with his grandfather Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert T. Thomas. Author of two books decades before his grandson, Canadian Author G,A. Archambeau. The books from this family crosses the racial divide, and exposes the folly of racism in the world. The books are Untrodden Jamaica 1890, Something about Obeah 1891,The storyof a West Indian Policeman 1927 & A Struggle to Walk with Dignity 2008.
    Google-User Pages Info on Jamaican Police Inspector Herbert Thomas.

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