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That QR code on the WikiTree tshirt

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WikiTree Geneabloggers Tshirt

Back of WikiTree tshirt received by the Geneabloggers at SCGS Jamboree 2011

Did y’all read the QR code on the back of the WikiTree tshirt we got as part of the Geneabloggers Welcome Bag at SCGS Jamboree 2011?

It is hilarious!

I’ll post what it says in the comments below AFTER folks have had a chance to take a closer look.

My bright orange WikiTree shirt  has been added to my workout gear to supplement the Rootstech and Geni tshirts I own. (not sure why the lettering is showing up turquoise here…it actually is white…blame it on hubby’s camera :)

Disclosure – I receive wonderful swag when I attend conferences, especially in my role as a genealogy blogger.   Thank you all of the vendors who donated to the Geneablogger’s Welcome Bag project.





7 Responses to “That QR code on the WikiTree tshirt”
  1. Caroline,
    It is tooooo funny :)

    What it says for those that don’t have QR readers:

    Boy, this really is a lousy t-shirt.
    Don’t tell Thomas MacEntee. He suggested these QR codes thinking we’d just put in the http://www.WikiTree.com URL.


  2. A.C. Ivory says:

    When I scanned it at the conference I thought it didn’t work when I first read “KICK ME”, but then I laughed really hard when I continued to read the whole thing!

  3. CeCe Moore says:

    Funny, I am wearing it today and had NO idea!

  4. A.C.,
    Someone over at WikiTree has a sense of humour! :)


  5. Hi CeCe,
    I had worn it too without knowing what it said. It makes a great workout shirt :)


  6. Joan, CeCe, and A.C.,

    I’m glad you found it funny! I certainly amused myself making these shirts for SCGS. I was a little worried that others might not find them so amusing. :-)

    Chris Whitten
    WikiTree Creator

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