Friday, August 23, 2019

Wife or sweetheart?

In my mind’s eye I can see Marie, with a smile on her face, carefully choosing this post card for her old friend Verna.  What stories these two might have shared?   Was there truth in her words or was it a casual tease between dear old friends?

If only the old postcards could talk….and they do! Our family has a wonderful old collection of postcards.   Some are as intriguing as the one here.  Others show pictures of family homes or places nearby and are great genealogical records.  Vintage postcards are a wonderful legacy of times gone by.


One Response to “Wife or sweetheart?”
  1. What a lovely postcard – and I especially love the way it’s worn and wrinkled. Makes me think someone treasured it!
    On another note, I hope you can join us at A Festival of Postcards for the July issue.

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