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Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan

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The following notice is of particular interest to me as my Grandmother Isabel Irvine was one of the extraordinary pioneer women of Saskatchewan.  Fortunately for us she was also a family historian and recorded the life of her family and community.  My uncle and I will be submitting an article about Grandma for the book mentioned below.

The Saskatchewan Genealogical Society is seeking your help in producing a new book to be published in commemoration of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society’s 40th Anniversary in 2009.

Titled “Women Pioneers of Saskatchewan” the book is intended to produce a record of women who played a large part in the settlement and development of Saskatchewan within the timeframe of the 1800s to 1950. The SGS wants you to submit stories of your Saskatchewan pioneer women. Stories can relate to either rural or urban areas, so long as they pertain to areas within the boundaries of what is now known as Saskatchewan.

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