Monday, September 23, 2019

Elusive search for Irish ancestors

Donegal Ancestry

I have explored a lot of different avenues on our elusive search to find the Irish origin of our KERR ancestors.  It also means I’m on lots of Irish mailing lists.  I just heard of this update with regards to County Donegal.

New records added to Irish Genealogical Online Record Search System
The Irish Family History Foundation is pleased to announce the availability of the records of Donegal Ancestry covering the parishes and districts of County Donegal on its Online Research Service (ORS). This adds another 2/3 million more baptismal, birth, death, marriage, census and gravestone records to our online database. The total number of records now searchable online is 15.6 million.

Login using your existing IFHF login details.

Remember that you can purchase and spend your credit at any of the IFHF online centres.

Please check out their interactive map to see which county genealogy centres have data available online; further counties will be adding their data in the coming months.


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