Cornell University Libraries: Digitized Books – Quebec

Historic Books Online

Just saw a notice that Cornell University has digitized ~700,000 books and are offering them free online. With that in mind I did a quick search on “Quebec” for historic books (still working on that KERR brick wall).

There were no less than 2,666 hits for “Quebec”  Lots of good fodder for a genealogist.  Narrow down the search a bit by adding another search term, in this case “Quebec” + “maps”.  There were 18 hits including historic maps.

When I searched on “Compton” +”Quebec” one of my favourite historical books for that region popped up “The History of Compton County

Below is the link to the notice.  Have fun!

These books, the originals of which are in the Cornell University Library, were digitized in 2008 with funding by Microsoft Corporation. Scanning was performed by Kirtas Technologies; OCR was performed by, and derivative formats created by, the Internet Archive. There are no known copyright…

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