FHexpo Contest Summary – Who will win?

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We have received a series of excellent photos in the contest to win two free tickets to Mesa Arizona Family History Expo. The contest lasts up to midnight of January 10, 2010.

Who will win? Do we have any last minute entries?

A summary of the entries to date:
1. Galts Farm Coutts, Alberta by Palmo Carpino

2. Hurt Family Cemetery,Raleigh County, WV by Terri O’Connell

3. Galts Farm – Old Wagon by Palmo Carpino

4. Iron Wheels Roll No More by Palmo Carpino

5. Alberta Century Farm and Ranch Award – Galts Farm by Palmo Carpino

6. Ernie and Irene Galts by Palmo Carpino

7. Old Barn Graham Homestead by Palmo Carpino

8. Galts Farm by Palmo Carpino

9. Galts Graham Family Reunion by Palmo Carpino

10. Old Truck by Palmo Carpino

11. My Childhood Experience by Pat Tiefenbach

12.  Pat’s Grandfather 1897 by Pat Tiefenbach

I wish to thank all of our contestants: Terri O’Connell with her lovely photo from the Hurt Family Cemetery in West Virginia.  Palmo Carpino with his series of nine photos from the Galts Graham Family Reunion at Coutts, Alberta.  This family has farmed in southern Alberta for over a century.  Pat Tiefenbach for her descriptive childhood story and photo of her grandfather.

The contest lasts up to midnight of January 10, 2010.  Please go here if you wish to enter to win two free tickets.  Time is quickly running out.

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