Genealogy Goals 2011

Wikipedia Haplogroup I1 - SNP M253
DNA research Haplogroup I1 - SNP M253 migration Source: The Genographic Project via Wikipedia.

Reviewing last’s years goals are always a hoot (kind of like the ‘lose weight’ one that fell by the wayside.)

Last year I vowed to

1. digitize, digitize, digitize

2. Blog more

3. Work on the Kerr brick wall

4. Attend more genealogy meetings

5. Genealogy conferences and roots travel

6. Participate more in the online carnivals and activities.

How did I do?

I did okay on most of my goals with the exception of the digitize, digitize, digitize.  Does popping in to say hi at scan fest count?

Onward and upward, it is 2011.  Genealogy Goals for this year:

In 2011 I will –

1.  Immerse myself in Genetic Genealogy – I’m continuing to follow the DNA path as an adjunct to my regular research.   Our YDNA (technically my brother’s) has made us great connections.  I have autosomal and mtDNA testing in the works.

2.  Keeping with the DNA theme I plan to put together two DNA talks –

a) introductory DNA – what tests are available, which one to choose, which testing companies, why test, how it can help conventional research, how to join a surname project etc.

b) Interpretation of DNA results – where to look for matches, contacting new cousins and perhaps advance analysis.

Any suggestions about what could be included are greatly appreciated.

People seem to be interested in talks like this and and researching with DNA appeals to the geek in me.

3.  Revamp the website – this is long overdue.  This website has serious back end problems that need to be addressed.  Google webmaster tools say this website is slower than 98% of others out there.  I need to figure out why and fix it.

4.  I working on a special project with the AFHS PR committee which we will share soon.

5.  My Mom has a milestone birthday this year – and we’ve got something special planned 🙂  (Mom does read this blog once in awhile so I can’t say what it is!)

6.  Finally, I plan to attend as many genealogy conferences, meetings and gatherings as I can fit in.

And about that digitizing….well, that too!

Happy New Year!

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