It Is Not His Fault

Thomas MacEntee claims it is all his fault.  He is convinced his name means He Who Brings Bad Weather.

NOT TRUE!  Thomas came to the great white north in October.   Despite the fact Calgary has been basking in unseasonably warm weather the last three weeks and we haven’t had a frost yet had nothing to do with it.

The mere coincidence that the weather changes as soon as Thomas arrives in Calgary….well, what can I say….

Lyn Meehan, Dick Eastman and Thomas are here in Calgary for the Alberta Family Histories Society Family Roots seminars on October 16th.  I had volunteered to play tour guide and show them Banff and Lake Louise.

It crossed my mind as we left the city this morning in the slushy snow that an accident could wipe out our entire Family Roots event!  The thought intensified when a passing truck obliterated our view with slush for what seemed like an eternity before the windshield wipers caught up.

But all was not lost and the sun peeked out during the day.  Pictures below.

Bow Falls in the Snow, Banff, Oct 15, 2010

Bow Falls in the Snow – Banff, Alberta

Lyn Meehan, Thomas MacEntee, Dick Eastman

Lyn Meehan, Thomas MacEntee and Dick Eastman setting up their shots in the snow
Dick Eastman, Thomas MacEntee, Joan Miller

Dick Eastman, Thomas MacEntee, Lyn Meehan, Joan Miller
Dick Eastman in Banff

Dick Eastman and the Banff Springs Hotel
The sun does shine in Banff!

The sun did shine!  Dick, Lyn and Thomas
Thomas in Banff

Thomas and his new friend.

Dick Eastman in Banff

Dick made a friend too.
Lake Louise

The trio at Lake Louise
Lake Louise

Yes, there is a glacier at the end of the lake.

UPDATE – Both Thomas and Dick wrote about our adventure to Banff:

Reflections – Fun North of the 44th Parallel by Thomas MacEntee

What Happens in Banff Stays in Banff by Thomas MacEntee  (check this out, it is hilarious!)

Great Weekend in Calgary by Dick Eastman

My contribution to the AFHS Blog about this event:

AFHS FamilyRoots Event a Success

Video from our AFHS FamilyRoots Event

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