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Earline of Ancestral Notes has kindly honoured my blog with a Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you for finding your way to my little corner of the vast WWW and thank you very much for the award.

The winner of this award is to list 7 things about themselves and then pass the award along to 7 other bloggers.

Seven things about Me

1.  I recently retired as a lab manager in a med research lab.

2.  Upon retiring I thought “Goodie, more time for genealogy!” It seems I’m busier than ever! (this week we are dog sitting the ‘grand-puppy’.)

3. I volunteer a lot with Toastmasters, an organization that teaches communication and leadership.

4.  I belong to two family history societiesAlberta Family Histories Society and the Quebec Family History Society.  I also belong to the Quebec Special Interest Group of the AFHS.

5.  I was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Alberta on my honeymoon thirty four years ago.

6.  I’m currently developing a new blog to feature my Grandpa Irvine’s SIXTY years of Diaries.  Stay tuned!

7.  I am a published author of scientific articles, genealogy articles and travel photos.

Kreativ Bloggers

I wish to honour the following bloggers with the Kreativ Blogger Award for their excellent efforts.

1. Dear Annie – a Diary blog about Annie Bartos brought to us by her niece.  This blog features a wonderful collection of postcards from 1910 to 1924 and more to come.  There are over 700 in the collection.

2. Forgotten Bookmarks – Written by Michael who works in a used bookstore, this blog features the treasures that people have left in books over the years – pictures, old letters and other interesting tidbits.

3. Photo-Sleuth – A New Zealander by the name of Brett brings us a wonderful collection of stories about old photographs, photographers and their subjects.

4.  What’s genealogy without some humour?   Another equally deserving recipient of the Kreativ Blogger Award is The Genealogue by Chris.

5.  They That Go Down to the Sea – a wonderfully thoughtful mixture of history and genealogy, this Canadian blog is brought to us by Amy.  We have surnames in common.  Perhaps there is a connection there!

6. Cemetery Divas Two mad-cap co-workers who love history, genealogy, and the occasional walk through a cemetery.

7. The Accidental Genealogist – Brought to us by Lisa,  this is a blog for genealogists who like to write,
and writers who happen to be genealogists!

Please visit the blogs mentioned above and create links to and place comments on as many genealogy blogs as you can.  People appreciate the feedback for their hard work.  Each connection makes us more easily found in the search engines and could lead to the answer to that family tree brick wall!

Thanks again Earline for noticing my blog. You made my day 🙂

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