Remember Everything with Evernote?

I came across an application that I think would be very useful for the genealogist.  Picture this…you are surfing the net and come across something you want to come back to.  You book mark it and promptly forget about it.  One day you go to your bookmarks and scratch your head wondering which one it was. 

There is an application called Evernote that will help with all that.  According to their webpage you can:

Clip, create or share notes on the web and view them anywhere. On your phone, take snapshots, create to do lists, record audio.  On your desktop search through all your notes, even find text whether online or off.

 They have a video on the webpage that explains the application in greater detail.  I think this has great potential for the genealogist and I plan to try it.  If any of you are already using this application please let me know your experiences.  Link is here:

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