Remembering Soldier Edward John Kerr

Remembering Edward John Kerr (1919 - 1983)
Joan Miller remembering her father. The crosses are near the Bow River on Memorial Drive, Calgary, Alberta. Photo credit - Reg Miller

Remembering – Edward John Kerr (1919 – 1983), soldier, father, good person.

“Eddie” was born October 12, 1919 in Saskatchewan, the son of Elizabeth (Wilson) and Homer Kerr.  He served in World War II in the Lanark and Scottish Renfew Regiment.  According to copies of military records obtained from Library and Archives Canada,  at enrollment Ed was 5’10” tall, weighed 142 pounds, had blue eyes and brown hair. 

Ed was attached to Basic T.C No 120 at Regina, Sask on May 19, 1941.  He completed 56 days of basic training.  His second training center was No. A20 at Red Deer, Alberta where he completed 48 days of advanced training.  He transferred to 5(BC) Cst. Bde. in October of 1941.  

Edward Kerr served from 1 April 1943 to 19 January 1946, a total of 55 months (29 months in UK, Sicily, Italy, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany).  His rank was L/Sgt. in Light Anti Aircraft and as Sgt in Infantry Lanark and Renfrew Regiment.

Upon discharge he successfully applied for a Veteran Land Settlement. He farmed for a number of years in Saskatchewan, south of Nokomis,  then became the Wreford Community Pasture Manager near Hatfield. (between Govan and Nokomis), from 1950 to his retirement in 1976.

Edward John Kerr (1919 - 1983)
Remembering Edward John Kerr (1919 - 1983), Soldier World War II and Joan's father.


Jennifer Ditchburn of the Canadian Press recently wrote about my experience obtaining my father’s military records from LAC in her article at the Toronto Post entitled Searching Military Records A Link To Our Veterans.  Various versions of the article are appearing in the national press. Photojournalist was Jeff McIntosh.

Article in Winnipeg Press (shows a picture of me holding Dad’s military records amongst 3000 crosses)

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