SNGF: If I won the big Genealogy Prize

It is Saturday Night and Randy Seaver has challenged us to Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.  This week’s challenge:

1) If you won the grand prize in the Ultimate Family History Journey Sweepstakes of $20,000 for genealogy travel to places of your choice, where would you go, and what would you do?

2) Tell us of your dream genealogy trip using the prize money in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this post, or in a comment on Facebook.

We would go on an extended roots trip to Scotland and Ireland.

First we would go to Peterhead, Scotland where my Grandmother WILSON was from and live there for a month or so and soak up the atmosphere.  Perhaps I would find distant cousins.  I’d look up records, hang out at the local genealogy society centre, take photos and read about the history of the times when Granny was there.  My husband and I would explore around the area and up and down the coast.

Secondly we would travel to Northern Ireland near Belfast from whence my IRVINE relatives came.  We have relatives still living there very close to the airport.  I would do some genealogy research and perhaps I might even make headway on discovering where in Ireland my KERR relatives were living before they emigrated to Quebec.   Ultimately I would love to get the KERRs back to Scotland but one adventure at a time.

I’m sure a couple of months of traveling around searching for my ancestry while paying for flights, hotels and car rental, food and genealogy records would eat up the $20K in fast order.  If there was any left we’d just have to stay longer 🙂

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