NBC’s WDYTYA – Vanessa Williams – Stars and Wishes

NBC’s second season of WDYTYA debuted this evening with celebrity Vanessa Williams.

STARS STAR for #WDYTYAand WISHES seem like an appropriate method for evaluating this show*

Last year we heard endless recaps when the show returned from a commercial.   The show with Vanessa Williams was a definite improvement featuring better transitions and less repetition.

STAR for #WDYTYAI felt there was more genealogy process shown in this version than last season’s.   The expert genealogists and archivists did a great job.

STAR for #WDYTYAI liked the fact records were revealed apparently without prior knowledge of the celebrity.  The surprise and reveal appeared genuine.

STAR for #WDYTYADiscovering the tintype in the file was an incredible find.  A BIG STAR for this!

I wish more genealogy process could be shown and to have the celebrity doing more of her own research.   But then again, how much can be covered in one short tv show?  Any genealogy on prime time TV is a plus.


Overall – 5 STARS for a great show.  Kudos to everyone that participated and supported this show.  You did a great job!

A message to the folks out there who may be reading this – Researching one’s family tree  is a great detective game and it can be very moving to find records and photos of those who have come before.   Please be aware that the research process can take more time than it looked on the TV show.    The research will require some digging and detours but don’t let that stop you as you embark on family tree discovery.  It is fun!

* The Stars and Wishes method are one method of many for evaluating speeches in the Toastmasters program.