Genealogy on the Fly

Canine Genealogy Kit


I’m on a flight to Salt Lake City enroute #Rootstech as I type this.  

There are the obligatory free soft drinks and pretzels (and peanuts!  I’m surprised by this because I thought most airlines removed peanuts because of allergies?) 

Great service on this Delta flight.  Our flight attendant cleaned up the ice cubes we accidently tipped on the floor.  Ooops! 

A heading caught my eye as I flipped through the SkyMall magazine. 

“The Canine Genealogy Kit”. 


Reading on… 

“This kit analyses your dog’s DNA and identifies the breeds in its ancestry.  A professional laboratory tests a cotton swab that you simply rub against the inside of your dog’s cheek and send to the lab in the provided envelope. The DNA test recognizes 63 different breeds (93%) of the most common beeds in the U.S.) that can make up your pet’s genetic profile.  You will receive a certificate listing your dog’s ancestry and a detailed explanation of each breed’s dominant characteristics that have been passed onto your dog.  Takes up to three weeks to receive results.

Genetic genealogy for your dog…what next?  Is this another division of 23andme? 😉 

But…there is more genealogy in this magazine. 

Flipping to page 99  I see this advertisement. 

“The #1 Selling Family History Software – Family Tree Maker” 

Where am I flying to today?  

Oh yeah…Salt Lake City 🙂