Vital Statistics: Birth, Marriages, Deaths in New Brunswick

Provincial Archives New Brunswick

The New Brunswick provincial archives features an online search for vital statistics.
The records include:


  • Index to Late Registration of Births 1810-1914
  • Index to Late Registration of Births: County Series 1869-1901
  • Index to County Birth Registers 1800-1913
  • Index to Provincial Registrations of Births 1898-1914


  • Index to New Brunswick Marriages 1847-1959


  • Index to County Death Registers 1885-1921
  • Provincial Returns of Deaths 1815-1919
  • Index to Death Certificates 1920-1959
A copy can be acquired for a fee per record. It is also possible to view the complete record.
The microfilm number is included in the index, along with the reference codes. The films can be viewed at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, or at a library participating in the inter-library or inter-archives microfilm loan program.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
P. O. Box 6000
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
E3B 5H1.

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