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This notice from Family Tree DNA just landed in the inbox and may be of interest to my readers.  This is the company we used to test my brother’s DNA and received a successful match.  I highly recommend them.

Family Tree DNA
Dear Family Tree DNA Customer,
Family Tree DNA Family Finder
List of Matches & Shared DNA

By now you may have already heard of our newest test, which has received substantial exposure in the press: the Family Finder test.

Since several people that have seen the news about this test have approached us for more information, allow me to briefly give you the key elements of the Family Finder test:

You may find relatives in any of your lines, and either males or females can take this test!

The Family Finder test matches you confidently with any cousin within four to five generations. There are dizzying possibilities!

The possibilities to find matches abound:

Bullet Aunts & Uncles, Parents and Grandparents
Bullet Half siblings and 1st cousins
Bullet 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousins

When you take the Family Finder test, your results are compared against our Family Finder database. You will be able to:

Bullet sort your matches by degree of relationship
Bullet view their names and e-mail address for immediate communication
Bullet download your raw data
A new, unparalleled Ancestral Origins percentage test, based on Family Finder – at no additional charge

Famil Tree DNA Family Finder

Special Note: The Family Finder test requires an untouched vial of DNA. If your kit does not have an extra vial on file, we will mail a collection kit for a new DNA extraction. After ordering you will be notified by email whether we are able to use a stored vial or will be mailing a new collection kit.